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TableCheck's team members represent Japan, USA, China, India, Mexico, Israel, Malaysia, the Netherlands, and more, and speak over 12 languages. We are a internationally-minded company building truly global products.


Our staff have prior experience working at the leading companies in Hospitality, Finance, Technology, Credit Cards, Game Development—and even Rocket Science! We bring together a diverse array of experts under one umbrella to fully leverage each member's unique perspective.

Market Leader

We've earned a strong reputation among our clients, outpacing our peers by introducing innovative new products and features. Using the latest agile development methodologies, we deliver well-tested apps with remarkably fast turnaround time.


Yu Taniguchi


2007: CyberSource Japan (wholly-owned subsidiary of VISA), business administration planning 2010: Piku Media (formerly English OK), helped establish business and office 2011: Founded TableCheck as CEO

From: Kanagawa, Japan & Singapore

John Shields


"Let's rock-n-roll!"

Graduated from Brown University, B.S. in Electrical Engineering With Honors. Nomura Securities Japan (formerly Lehman Brothers Japan), Vice President, Equities Algorithmic Trading. Joined TableCheck as CTO and Co-Founder in 2013

From: Seattle, USA

Kiyoshi "Kevin" Takegami

Global Head of Sales & Consulting

Graduated from Rikkyo University. Sales Manager for MICROS-Fidelio Japan, managed global hotel clients. Awarded "Top Salesperson" 5 years in a row. Sales Manager at Ubitus, Inc., where he led global expansion of online game sales. Joined TableCheck in 2015 as Head of Sales.

From: Tokyo, Japan


Takao Toya

Sales Manager

Graduated from Keio University, Faculty of Business and Commerce. Prior experience as a Restaurant Manager, and as Sales at a global life insurance company. Joined TableCheck in 2015 as Sales.

From: Bangkok, Thailand

Daisuke Sasaya

Sales Supervisor

Graduated from the Hokkaido University School of Science. Joined Tech Matrix Corporation in 2010, where he worked as Corporate Sales for 6 years in the Security Division. Joined TableCheck as an Account Manager in 2016.

From: Saitama, Japan

Yugo Take

Sales Supervisor

Aiming to become the next Indiana Jones, Take studied Archeology at Meiji University. After learning first-hand that exploring archeological sites was not quite as adventurous as he had imagined, he jumped his career path to join the restaurant industry. At the age of 30, he moved to Luxa and engaged in both sales and staff training. He joined TableCheck as sales in 2017.

From: Ibaraki, Japan

Ryusuke Iibuchi


Graduated from Camden County College in U.S.. Ryusuke earned school expenses as the only Japanese waiter in a local sushi bar in Philadelphia. Started his career at the personnel placement agency. Also worked as sales at Groupon and LINE. Joined TableCheck in 2018.

From: Miyagi, Japan

Sachio Tanaka


Experienced a wedding planner at Plan Do See, and learned what the real service is there. Joined TableCheck in 2019.

From: Kyoto, Japan

Tomohiro Goto

Sales Supervisor

Tomohiro started his career in sales at a stock brokerage firm. In 2014 he joined Luxa and became the top salesperson in their Nagoya branch office. After he moved to Tokyo he worked as a top salesperson and a recruiter and also trained new staff. Tomohiro joined TableCheck as Sales Planner in 2017.

From: Aichi, Japan

Takaaki Sako

Inside Sales

After graduated from colledge, Takaaki started his career as inside sales rep. at Fujitsu Communication Service. Experienced out-boud calls for appointment acquisition, lead nurturing and other customer oriented communications. To be empathied by TableCheck's mind to change the industry, joined TableCheck in 2019.

From: Tokyo

Shizuka Uchiyama

Sales Assistant

Shizuka has experience working in both Sales and in the Food and Beverage industry. She joined TableCheck in 2017 as Sales.

From: Yamagata, Japan


Nobuyoshi Hashino

Senior Consulting Specialist

1994: Graduated from Osaka Travel Journal College, Hotel Department 1994: Kobe Bay Sheraton Hotel 1997: The Ritz-Carlton Osaka 2003: Grand Hyatt Tokyo 2005: Mandarin Oriental Tokyo 2008: Business Manager, launched six locations of restaurants and animal hospitals 2013: OpenTable Client Relations Manager 2014: Joined TableCheck as Senior Consultant

From: Kobe, Japan

Keita Ogawa

Head of Consulting

Keita Ogawa is an avid hill-climb bike racer, and prides himself as being able to ride any kind of bike, from a mountain bike to a Granny-style bike. After working for a hotel company, Keita became a Sales Manager of MICROS-Fidelio Japan, where he managed global hotel clients. He joined TableCheck in 2016 as a support specialist.

From: Tokyo, Japan

Shinya Endo

Technical Consultant

Formerly Support and CRM at MICROS-Fidelio Japan covering the Restaurant sector. Joined TableCheck in 2015 as Support Specialist.

From: Japan

Haruna Kadoya

Global Consulting Supervisor

Had worked at restaruant industry for 11 years as service staff at a hotel restaurant as well as a receptionist, PR, and manager. Haruna changed her career as a sales rep at Micros Fidelio Japan. After two years of enjoying slow living at Miyako-jima, she joined TableCheck as a Consultant in 2018.

From: Japan

Ai Yuzawa

Operations Consultant

Ai has worked at Wedding industry for 6 years as Wedding Planner and has involved in establishing a Wedding company in Qingdao China. Throughout her career she witnessed a lot of smiles and happiness. After worked at SONY teaching photoshoting, she joined TableCheck as a consultant in 2018.

From: Gunma, Japan

Mami Yamauchi

Operations Consultant

Mami has experienced working as a shop manager at retail store and a sales for E-commerce for retail shops. With her love to good food and drinks, she joined TableCheck to step up in her career.

From: Fukuoka, Japan

Satoya Aida

Operations Consultant

Chose his first carrier at the wedding industry with a great interst in the wedding; a person's one of the largest event. Learned service skill with omotenashi, changed his career to IT consulting. Joined TableCheck in 2019.

From: Tokyo

Fumiya Tanaka

Operations Planning & CRM Supervisor

After graduated from cooking school, Fumiya worked at online marketing and restaurant management system companies as customer support. With his interest in restaurant IT, Fumiya joined TableCheck at the end of 2017. He is also a great father who loves his two daughters!

From: Kanagawa, Japan

Toshio Wakamatsu

Senior CRM Consultant

1999: Graduated from Salem International University. 2000: Chimney Co., Ltd. (12-year tenure) direct management Division Area Manager, served as the FC Division supervisor. 2012: OpenTable, Inc. Client Relationship Manager. 2016: Joined TableCheck as Senior Consultant.

From: Kamakura, Japan

Takeshi Furuta

Senior CRM Consultant

Graduated from Hattori Nutrition College. Trained in wines in Australia, and became sommelier at "Joel Robuchon." Later worked as Restaurant Manager at the Tokyo Midtown location of Roti. Joined TableCheck in 2015 as Sommelier / Sales.

From: Japan

Hiroko Yanagi

CRM Consultant

Has worked at the resutaurants during her college age, she has interested in restaurant industry. After graduated from colledge Hiroko joined marketing agency targeitng restaurant industry. With her will to support the restaurants' best service, joined TableCheck in 2018 as a consultant.

From: Japan

Chiaki Kojima

CRM Consultant

Graduated from Keio University. Chiaki entered a non-life insurance company. Then, she acquired the food relating qualifications like cheese, wine and Japanese sake while working at a natural cheese importer and a hotel operating company. Joined TableCheck in 2018.

From: Tokyo, Japan

Takatoshi Araki

CRM Consultant

Graduated from Osaka Economic Law University. Engaged in support desk, site operation, and sales. With the experience of living in a Munch, Germany for a year in his childhood and traveled 14 countries in the past, has great interests in learning English. Joined TableCheck in April 2019, the last of Heisei Era.

From: Tokyo

Yuya Fuji

CRM Consultant

After graduated from Hosei University, became a teacher at an elementary school. To have broad points of view, changed his career as a sales at LUXA. There he devoted himself to restaurants and with his love to restaurants industry, joined TableCheck in May 2019.

From: Toyama

Makoto Shimono

Support Supervisor

Formerly Support and CRM at MICROS-Fidelio Japan. Over 12 years experience in Food & Beverage IT support. Joined TableCheck in 2015 as Support Specialist.

From: Japan

Ayane Kondo

Support Consultant

Ayane worked as reservation operator with her hospitality. Her warm and dedicated conversation makes others smile. Interested in TableSolution as one of its user, she decided to join TableCheck as a consultant. She is also a GAME lover.

From: Saitama, Japan

Tasuku Hisano

Support Consultant

Spent most of the time volunteering and traveling during the college years. He worked at a logitics company, NPO and catalog shopping comany. With his expreience with customer support, joined TableCheck in 2019.

From: Fukushima, Japan

Osaka Office

Yusuke Miyamoto

Operations Supervisor

Experienced restaurant manager at French restaurant Café de Paris in Kobe, Miyamoto engaged WEB marketing strategy at Operation Factory. Joined TableCheck in 2017 as a Sales Consultant at the Osaka Office.

From: Kobe, Japan

Junichi Sakuma


While studying theatre at Nihon University, Colledge of Arts, Jun started his career at working in the restaurants industry. He engaged in the opening of new restaurants and also worked as restaurant manager at Wonder Table previously. In 2018, joined TableCheck with his wish for further growth in restaurants industry.

From: Tokyo, Japan

Jindai Osaki


After graduated from a Culinary Institute, Jindai started his career as a chef at the famous hotels. He moved to apparel industry as a sales and then involved in the relase of portal site for beauty related service at Rakuten. Joined TableCheck Osaka office in 2018 to devote more on restaurants industry.

From: Hyogo, Japan

Sachiko Hirota

Operation Consultant

After graduated from college, worked as a wedding planner at TAKE and GIVE NEEDS. Also experienced a variety of duties as sales, consultant, and shop manager. Joined TableCheck Osaka office. Sachiko is a lady who always put all the effort to get the best out from it.

From: Saitama, Japan

Yuji Oku

Operations Consultant

During colledge years, started working in the hotel and wedding industry. After worked as a teacher in a cram school, Yuji came back to work in the wedding industry. Engaged in the shop management and opening new shops in the several venues in Kansai area. Joined TableCheck in 2019 with his interest to solve problems in restaurant industry.

From: Osaka, Japan

Fukuoka Office

Misuzu Hayashi

Operations Consultant

Misuzu has experienced a various industry in her past career, such as a sales rep and fromt office clark at a major suports goods maker, a shops staff at apparel shop and coffee shop, and a restaurant manager. With her love to eat and drink as well as hospitality mind, she joined TableCheck in 2018. She is also a powerful mother for two kids.

From: Hakata, Japan

Seoul Office

Jimmy Lee

Sales Manager

Previously worked in ICT industry as technical sales and business development. Jimmy has broad experiences in partner recruitment and management as well as in-country operation. Joined TableCheck as a Korea sales manager with his interest of "food-tech" industry.

From: Seoul, Korea

Woobin Im

Operations Consultant

Previously worked in hospitality industry as a project engineer. She mainly implemented and supported Agilysys-InfoGenesis POS and ResPAK Korea. She likes to ride bicycle along the Han River bike path on the weekend.

From: Seoul, Korea

Singapore Office

Daniel Lee

Regional Sales Director, South East Asia / Country Sales Manager, Singapore

Sell the problem you solve, not the product.

Daniel was previously the Sales Director of Agilysys Singapore. He has over 15 years of experiences in the hospitality industry and distribution channel. Joined TableCheck Singapore in 2018 as the representative of the branch office. Hotels and restaurants are part of my life :)

From: Singapore

Ken Yeo

Manager, Global Sales Planning

Sky is the limit.

Ken was previously from 3M Singapore responsible for sales in brands like Post-it & Scotch. His past experience are mainly from the hospitality industry and F&B sector.

From: Singapore

Henry Chong

Product Consultant

Customers don’t expect you to be perfect. They DO expect you to fix things when they go wrong.

Worked in Hospitality Industry for around 8 years & experienced in Hardware Support, System Engineer, Account Management, Customer Service, Project Management & Deployment. Join TableCheck Singapore in 2018 as Product Consultant.

From: Singapore

Milissa Koh

Consultant Support

I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have!

Milissa was previously from the Millennium & Copthorne group as a Management Trainee focusing in the integration of various departments. She mainly specialised in the F&B and Front Office sectors.

From: Singapore

Randy Ng

Operations Consultant

Carpe diem!

Graduated from Universiti Malaysia Pahang with a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science, Randy previously joined Agilysys as Software Engineer in 2015, he was then joined the operation team as Consultant. In 2018, he joined Ascentis as Customer Success Manager to focus on Account Management. Joined TableCheck Singapore in 2018 as Operations Consultant.

From: Malaysia

Casper Soh

Customer Success Manager

“When I work, I really work. But when I play, I really PLAY.”

Casper has over 12 years of experiences in the hospitality industry with various vendors like Micros Fidelio, Agilysys, Shiji & etc. He has been in various roles such as Account Managing, Sales, Cusomer Service, Support & Project.

From: Singapore

Indonesia Office

Yossy Mustari

Country Manager

In order to change the world, you have to get your head together first

10 years experienced Managing multiple F&B outlet in a 5 stars Hotels at several countries. By 2014 he decided to Join Micros Fidelio as a Sales & Account Manager in charge of East Indonesia, and 2016, he expand his careers with Agilysys as a Branch manager Indonesia overlooking the sales activity and general operation. He passionate with Food and Beverage trends, and he loves to ride his classic bike, diving or surfing during the weekend.

From: Bali, Indonesia

Emilia Purwanti

Consultant Manager

"it always seems impossible until it's done"

Worked at Micros Fidelio and experienced in Hospitality industry for 6 years specialized in PMS system. Love to traveling and eating healthy.

From: Indonesia

Australia Office

Winston Hammill

Country Manager

"make a difference"

Winston is an industry professional, self-proclaimed foodie and a long time advocate for the restaurant industry. In recent years he has helped some of the most forward thinking and well known restaurant and hotel groups in Asia. His experience in delivering technology solutions in Europe and Hong Kong over 25 years. He is a great believer uplifting the guest experience and his mission is ‘to help restaurant industry automate the mundane so stars can shine”. He is based Melbourne and looks after the operations for TableCheck and TableSolution Australia.

From: UK

Cora Xue

Sales Executive

Always be the first to experience it

Cora was employeed by fortune global 500 tech company before join Tablecheck Australia branch in 2019 as sales excutive. She has rich experience in SAAS sales and customer experiece. Join Tablecheck Australia branch in 2019 as sales executive.

From: China

Thailand Office

Pornthiwa Nawanuch

Country Manager

Customer doesn’t care about your business. They care about their problem. Be the Solution, they are looking for

Has 17 years working experience in Industrial and Hospitality business sales sector. Her experience is based on the variety of areas in Hospitality and Industrial Sales Business, IT network infrastructure, Telecommunication system, Factory control system and Hotel Software Operation. Joined Tablecheck to utilize her skills and experiences to contribute the growth of the company.

From: Thailand

Akira Sirimayurachat


"Adopt an Attitude of Gratitude"

Previously worked in IT Hospitality Industry under international hotels chain such as Starwood, Marriott and InterContinental Hotels Group. Love listening to music, reading manga and drinking coffee!

From: Thailand

UAE Office

Marc Assar

Country Manager

“Great People and Great Products Never Die”

Marc is an experienced Director of Operations & Technical Support who possesses extensive hospitality technology knowledge gained over the last 15 years, with strong leadership skills and superb relationship management abilities.

From: UAE

IT Engineering

Jay Geeseman

Head of IT

"Connections between things are often more interesting than the things themselves."

Jay has worked in software engineering and system administration / devops in various industries since 1998. Successfully founded and sold Virtuatrade, LLC. He joined TableCheck in 2019 as Head of IT.

From: USA

Simeon Cheeseman

Frontend Engineering Manager

"It's a dangerous business, going out your door. You step onto the Road, and if you don't keep your feet, there's no knowing where you might be swept off to."

Graduated from the University of Auckland. Has worked as a front end and full stack developer for several small to medium businesses and for a period worked as a freelance developer. Joined TableCheck in 2017 as a front end engineer.

From: New Zealand

Wei-Han Chong

Frontend Engineer

"What we think, we become."

Graduated from University Teknologi Malaysia with a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science. 2012: Came to Japan and worked in a game company as HTML5/Javascript Game Developer. 2016: Joined TableCheck as Frontend Engineer.

From: Malaysia

Daniel Lizik

Senior Frontend Engineer

Ah...I don't care....

Graduated from Clark University with a degree in sociology. Went into web development as a full stack developer and has worked for American, British and now Japanese companies. Joined TableCheck in 2017 as a front end engineer.

From: USA

Joan Mira

Senior Frontend Engineer

Graduated from Universitat Oberta de Catalunya with a degree in Multimedia. He has worked as an Agile Prototyping Analyst at Vodafone in UK, as a Web Developer for the Royal Opera House, Senior Interactive Developer for Publicis SapientNitro and Creative Technologist for the Engine Group in London. He also co-founded a didital agency and worked with clients in Spain and around the World. He joined TableCheck in 2019 as a Frontend Engineer.

From: Spain

Keyaria Walker

Jr. Frontend Engineer

"Boredom means it is time to try new things"

Graduated from University of Michigan with a degree in Information and Japanese. While at University, Keyaria worked with Non-Profit Organizations as a web developer. With a passion for how technology is used in international societes, she moved to Tokyo to work as a Jr. Frontend Engineer at Tablecheck.

From: Michigan, USA

Hena Shah

Product Manager

"Seek your Ikigai"

Arrived in the land of the rising sun after graduating from India with B.Tech in IT. In the journey of being an In-house Consultant, Software Engineer, and Freelance Writer, fortunately, I discovered my deeper interests in the intersection of Business, Technology, and People.

From: India

Lehel Babos

Senior Designer

"If you're gonna walk on ice, you might as well dance."

After graduating from Ryerson University in 2012, Lehel started working as a UX/UI Designer as part of Toronto's tech and startup community, eventually joining IBM's Watson Analytics team as a Product Designer. Seeking a new challenge, he moved to Tokyo in early 2019 and joined TableCheck in June 2019 as a Senior Designer.

From: Tronto, Canada

Richard McCraken

Senior Designer

"Just be friendly."

Studied multimedia design at university before moving to Japan in 2008. After moving between Himeji, Osaka and Tokyo as an HR manager/Lead designer for an International Kindergarten he received PR and started his own small design compay here in Tokyo where the priamry focus was on helping small businessesdevelop a brand identity.

From: Arizona, USA

Jason Perry

Head of Data Science

"While the simplest path between two points is a straight line, it rarely offers the best scenery."

Graduated from Stanford University in 2003 with a PhD in Economics. He has worked as a Financial Economist at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston; a Visiting Economist at the Bank of Japan; a Senior Consultant at NERA Economic Consulting; a Research Officer at Barclays Global Investors; a Director at BlackRock; and an independent consultant on projects related to risk quantification, valuation, retirement planning, business strategy, and data science. He joined TableCheck in 2018 as the Head of Data Science.

From: USA

Omer Ben Yosef

Senior Data Engineer

"I've got a bad feeling about this..."

2010: ORT Braude College of Engineering 2010: Pionet Technologies 2012: 2015: Joined TableCheck as Senior Server Engineer.

From: Israel

Atul Vinayak

Data Science Engineer

Graduated from CET Trivandrum with a degree in Computer Science and Engineering. Worked as a Software Analyst at Hexagon Inc. where he worked on Public Safety and GIS Solutions for India, Australia and China. Later he worked at Thybolt, a Startup based in india, where he worked on an IoT based Analytics platform. He joined Tablecheck in 2019 as a Data Science Engineer.

From: India

Divya Chaudhary

QA Engineer

Graduated from ABES Institute of technology with degree in IT.She has worked as Sr. Quality Assurance Engineer with various firms in India like Paytm for payments team,Landis & Gyr for smart meters and Global logic for Insurance.Have worked for Major clients like Toshiba (japan), Alipay (china) and Guidewire(USA).

From: India

Matt Pinkston

Senior Server Engineer

"I thought what I'd do was, I'd pretend I was one of those deaf-mutes."

Matthew graduated with a Management of Information Systems degree from Iowa State University in 2012. In the Fall of 2013, he entered Japan as a server-side engineer for Rakuten. In 2014 he moved to Tabelog Inc. as a full-stack and iOS developer. As of April 2017, he has been focusing on developing new and innovative systems at TableCheck.

From: USA

Yad Smood

Server Engineer

"I don't know where I'm going, but I hope I go far."

2013: Graduated from the South Central University for Nationalities 2013-15: Baidu, Senior Software Engineer 2015-2017: Meituan, Senior Software Engineer 2017: Joined TableCheck

From: China

Business Development & Other

Yasuyo Shikano

Business Operations Manager

After graduating from University of Nebraska at Kearney, Yasuyo Shikano worked at NEXWAY, comuunication IT service provider, doing sales, marketing, planning, and customer support and was recognized by the company several times for her acheivements. With a strong background with the IT services business, Yasuyo joined TableCheck in 2016 as an experienced professional for business development and B2B communication.

From: Gifu, Japan

Yuka Niki

Public Relations

Graduated from Kanda Institute of Foreign Languages, major in English. Joined the Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo in 2005 (formerly The Four Seasons Hotel.) Joined TableCheck in 2016 after a successful career history of over 10 years in Japanese and Western restaurants.

From: Saitama, Japan

Mikako Mochizuki


After working at JIJI Press as a journalist as well as the publisher, Mikako started working as a freelance PR. Experienced in event planning and obtaining media coverage for the restaurants. Joined TableCheck as a PR in 2019. Believe in that good food is the one that realize world peace.

From: Osaka, Japan

Muyang Xie

Business Development

Moved to Japan in 2011. Worked for NYSE listed global Internet/software company's branch in Japan and a domestic online advertising company. Experienced in product managing, designing and business development, Muyang joined TableCheck in 2019, aiming at making Japan a cashless and Internet society just like the other developed countries.

From: China

Singh Shweta

Global Consulting Supervisor

Work. Save. Travel. Repeat.

With a Bachelors degree in IT and Masters degree in HR from India, Shweta has an extensive experience in Human Resources, Corporate Communication and related areas. She came to Japan with a wish to learn about and immerse in the Japanese culture. A believer of minimalism, she loves to travel to places off the beaten path. She joined the Global Strategy team of TableCheck in 2017.

From: India

Takamitsu Mano

Head of Finance

After working overseas at a global auto parts manufacturer and foreign-based IT companies in sales, he joined an IT startup in 2006. For over a decade he was the Director of Administration and focused on building the venture business. His main roles were in finance, HR, general affairs and legal. Takamitsu joined TableCheck in 2017 as a Director of Finance.

From: Tokyo, Japan

Makoto Akita


Had studied Japanese CPA at the University, Makoto had started her career at a tax office. After that she has experienced working at accounting section more than 10 years in several companies in various industries. Joined TableCheck for further step us with her love to the accounting job.

From: Hiroshima, Japan

Riki Hirasawa

Global Head of Human Resources

Started off as HR in the education industry, he joined a start-up event outsourcing company as HR Head. With the intention to possess a speciality in recruitment, he has conducted consultation to thousands of candidates for recruitment firms as well as conducting onsite recruitment for Western IT and mobile giants. He then has experienced a variety of industries including cosmetics, gaming, pet food, ISO certifying body and ad agency as HR Director focusing on Policies, Organizational Development, Employee relations and HRIS. Joined TableCheck in 2019 as HR Manager for an exciting jouney ahead.

From: Hokkaido

Housho Iwasaki

Human Resources Advisor

Housho started at CIBC Wood Gundy (Canadian Investment firm) where she conducted HR & administrative office duties. In 1996, she moved to a US asset management company (Barclays Global Investors which later became BlackRock) and engaged across a broad range of HR activities such as HR strategies/M&A, talent development, recruiting, HR operations, compensation, and employee benefits as a senior HR Business Partner (Director). She joined TableCheck in 2018 as HR Director.

From: Kumamoto, Japan

Junichi Kuriya

Head of Listing Preparation

connecting the dots

1991-01: Systems & Operation administration at Fuji (Mizuho) Bank, VP of trust business at its NY subsidiary. 2000-07: In charge of IPO preparation at VeriSign, Japan then chief of IR and FP&A after listed. 2007-16: Business development at M-out, principal investment company, MD. 2016-18: Furniture AR simulation service company, LivingStyle, CFO. 2018: Joined TableCheck as Director of Listing preparation

From: Kagoshima, Japan


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