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We empower restaurants to create lasting relationships with their guests

Leading Innovations for Restaurant Businesses

TableCheck has set new standards for restaurant management tools in Japan and is ready to take on the challenge to become the world’s leader in restaurant management.

We analyze and evaluate data from restaurants and use this information to create a more vibrant dining experience for their customers.

Our team of creative minds is continuously seeking to drive innovative solutions to support our restaurant partners. TableCheck’s restaurant management tools give restaurants the power and flexibility to provide a seamless customer experiences for every guest from the moment they make reservations.

Our Mission

No More Pen and Paper

We’ve seen way too many restaurants rely on pen and paper to manage their most valuable asset - customers. A method that’s ancient and inefficient, so we’re here to provide a better, more economical solution.

Restaurant Apprentice

Only by being an attentive listener and a humble learner will we be able to understand restaurants’ problems, anticipate their needs and respond accordingly.

Data-Driven Solutions

We analyze restaurants’ operations and their customer behavior to develop appropriate solutions that best fit their practices.

World Renowned Success

With over 2000 clients worldwide, TableSolution is trusted by clients around the world, including South Korea, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, United Arab Emirates and more!

Discover and book the best restaurants in Japan

TableCheck reservation portal is an online booking page that allows diners to make instant reservations. It is accessible from the web or available to download from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

TableCheck supports 15 languages and provides the option for users to choose course and menu selections, making it effortlessly simple for guests to make bookings. As TableCheck is directly connected to TableSolution, all reservations made on the portal site are free of charge and are reflected in the system in real time. TableCheck has built-in features to secure prepayments and deposits that help restaurants - prevent last minute cancellations and no-shows.

All-In-One Restaurant Reservation, Management and CRM System

TableSolution is a world-class reservation platform that centralizes reservations from third-party reservation sites and consolidates all bookings into the system. TableSolution’s revolutionary feature, “cancel protection”, proves to reduce last minute cancellations and no-shows drastically. Other iconic features include free online reservations, SMS notifiers, customer database management, phone integration, POS integration and reporting.

TableSolution can be accessed 24/7 across desktops, tablets, and smartphones - with real-time data updates across all devices. Data is safeguarded by our industry-leading security options, including role-based user permissions and multi-factor login.

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Our Investors and Advisers

News & Press Releases

25 Mar, 2020
Press Release
Brand New Feature: Waitlist in 18 languages

Reduces the task load of restaurants when managing waitlists.

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13 Mar, 2020
Press Release
World-wide release of Insight

TOKYO — TableCheck Inc. (Located in Chuo-ku, Tokyo with CEO, Yu Taniguchi, hereafter called “TableCheck”), Having developed a restaurant management and CRM system used in 24 countries around the world, we are thrilled to announce our BI tool, Insight (launched March 1st, 2020). Insight is a restaurant data analytics tool for management-level reporting, data visualization, forecasting, and AI decision-making.

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Our Values

1.  Act like there's no tomorrow

Wasting time is wasting life—time is what life is made of. We commit each day to delivering products and value for our clients that will stand the test of time.

2.  Give before taking

Never sacrifice a long-term relationship for a short-term gain. By placing the needs of others before our own, we build lasting, mutually-fulfilling partnerships.

3.  Honesty is the best policy

The test of a person's character is how they act when no one is watching. We act with integrity—even when it's hard to do—and earn the trust of our clients and teammates.

4.  Don't be afraid to make mistakes

We are never content to rest within our comfort-zone. We challenge ourselves daily to develop new skills, undertake new endeavors, and meet ever-higher targets.

5.  Keep calm and carry on

When the going gets tough, the tough get going! We wear a thick-skin, solve problems objectively, and band together when faced with adversity.

6.  Rome wasn't built in a day

We set a realistic target each day and then push ourselves to acheive it. Through steady and measurable daily progress, together we will build a vast empire.

7.  No person is an island

We foster a culture of mutual reliance and trust. By communicating within and across teams, we ensure our combined success is many times greater than had we worked in isolation.

8.  Relax, have fun, and enjoy life!

Each day we set foot in the office, we affirm that working at TableCheck is a personal decision made by each of us. Although we could be anywhere else, we are here because we love what we do.

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